Monthly Archives: November 2012

Stop. Drop. And, Roll.

The lights are dim. The music is loud. My mind is numb. I want to feel touched. Touched by anyone. ANYone. Please. Where have you been all my life? Don’t go away. Don’t leave me. Ever. My bed is so soft. I sink into it. Soooo comfy. Why haven’t I felt this before? Drifting off…


Electric banana

Obama vs. Romney. Election Day 2012. Voting is instrumental to the future of this nation. Regardless of your opinion in candidates, it is important to vote. In fact, local government issues can have a greater impact on you, your home, your family, your streets, your crime rate, your schools, your property taxes, your sales taxes and your courts than national politics. Now is your chance to vote for president as well as your local politicians and amendments.

And so…

…it begins. My first blog entry. The Future is now. Watch Out!