Less is More. More or Less. 

Is marriage counseling ever successful? Outwardly, it seems the goal of marriage counseling is to save the marriage…to repair, or resolve the problems in the relationship. But, in our sessions it becomes a ping pong match of tattle telling by adults. Each point is played out with exaggeration and drama.

It’s the game of Adults Behaving Badly.

During the week, whenever communicating with the husband I actually think to myself, “Oh this will be brought up in counseling. He will tell on me now.”

I often wonder what is worse…our actual arguing and lack of companionship, intimacy, friendship or having to discuss these things in great detail to another person?

The best way to deal with daily life is less communication. That means less opportunity to be misunderstood, less chance for opposing viewpoints, heated debates, sarcastic remarks…. Less time together at social events, less going to movies or out to dinner together. The sad reality is less togetherness is more. More harmonious, more peaceful, more convenient.

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One thought on “Less is More. More or Less. 

  1. Ooooh the daily struggle. My partner wants me to communicate more. But I’m not good at communicating exactly what I mean and therefore what I say miscommunicates what I want. And then there’s misunderstanding. And then there’s raised voices. And then there’s crying…

    But then, in some miraculous moments, I say what I mean and my partner’s in an understanding mood and the result is damn near perfect.

    And then it gets messed up again 😛

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